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Facial serums are wonderful treats for the delicate skin on your face. Nourishing and packed full of nutrients, they are lighter than moisturizers but provide your skin cells with concentrated active ingredients that absorb quickly. 

Wonder is a blend of pumpkin seed, hemp seed and grapeseed oils. These plant-based oils are selected for skin that is prone to producing more oil than what you might want. If it seems counter-intuitive to add oil to your acne-prone skin, oilier skin is actually skin that needs more nourishment. Excess facial oil is produced by your body as it tries to keep it from being too dry. Stop the cycle by adding the right amount of moisture and oils for your skin.

Wonder is balanced with the essential oils of clary sage, clove and juniper oil; each selected to help balance your Wonderful skin.

A few drops rubbed into your skin after you have cleansed and toned provide the nutrients your skin needs for your busy day ahead. You can follow with moisturizer or not. Wonder leaves your skin balanced and the perfect palette for a natural face or ready for your favourite make-up.