Polishing Body Butter Bar

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A solid lotion bar with an edge -- use this all natural bar in the shower or bath to smooth over your rough edges. This in-the-shower butter bar PLUS exfoliator, helps fight dry skin in one quick step. Once you're all squeaky clean, rub this bar of powerful shea & cocoa butters gently across any dry, flaky or tough spots. The exfoliants will help slough away the bad and the butters will help lock in the good. Rinse and then grab a big fluffy towel to dry off. Don't rub away the awesome oils...just a gentle pat from your towel should do the trick.

This butter is awesome for dry heels, rough elbows or knees, and is a great prep before shaving. It's naturally awesome. (And while I've been tempted, it's probably not recommended to use on your face. Treat your beautiful facial features to a more gentle exfoliation treatment.)

Each body bar is 60 grams.

Ingredients: cocoa butter (theobroma cocoa butter), shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii butter), ground almonds (prunus dulcis), ground rice (oryza saliva), lavender essential oil (lavendula angustifolia oil) and lemon essential oil (citrus limon oil).