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Lemon Punch Herbal Tisane Soap | Natural Soap

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This new citrus scented bar is refreshing, bright and delightful. It's made by infusing a herbal fruit tisane from Monarch Tea Co, into a creamy base of coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil. It's scented with bright citrus essential oils to present you with the most refreshing treat for your bath or shower.

If you enjoy sipping herbal teas, try showering with the refreshing scent of this herbal-infused soap. 

What's Inside the Bar?

    • Lemon Mango Punch herbal tea made with apple, orange, rosehip, hibiscus, lemon and lime is infused right into the bar.
    • Fresh Citrus Essential Oils give the soap its fresh scent. A hint of peppermint helps make the soap really sparkle.
    • Kaolin Clay swirled in the soap creates the beautiful design and makes the bar feel silky and smooth on your skin

Who's It For?

This bar is for fresh citrus lovers, and those who enjoy sipping the bright and zesty herbal beverage. Great for someone looking for a fruity scent or a delightful gift.


Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Lemon Mango Punch Herbal Tisane infused in Water/Eau, Castor Seed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, and a blend of essential oils, and Kaolin Clay.


Each soap is a minimum of 110 grams. Because they are crafted in small-batches, each bar will look slightly different. 



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