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Charcoal Clay Spa | Natural Soap

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Consider this your trip to the spa (Spa Nordik if you're in the Capital Region!) without leaving the house. With fresh notes of 100% pure essential oils this handmade soap bar is a refreshing treat for your skin.  It's a soft, creamy natural soap bar that's a big hit with both men and women. It's sprinkled with a few flecks of himalayan pink sea salt. This one is a bold, smooth soap and should be a hit with the folks in your tub!

What's Inside the Bar?

  • Activated Charcoal is known for its natural deep cleansing and exfoliating properties. A gentle yet effective cleanser for all skin types – especially for skin that is prone to acne. If that weren't enough its anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-microbial activities along with its intensive moisturizing properties make it especially beneficial for use in soap.
  • Bentonite Clay is a wonderful clay that helps make this soap so creamy and luxurious. Some people tell us that this clay helps make their irritated skin feel more calm.
  • A Refreshing Essential Oil blend that is so bright and invigorating!

Who is it for? 

Everyone! This one is a hit with sooooo many of our customers. It's always our #1 recommendation for someone who likes a bright, fresh bar. 

How to use your soap:  

Just rub a dub dub and you're good to go. Keep your bar from getting wet between uses by putting it on a slotted soap dish so it gets lots of air. Definitely don't leave it sitting on the side of the tub or in a stream of shower water. 


Saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic, Fair-Trade and Unrefined Shea Butter, Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Seed Oil, a blend of essential oils, Bentonite Clay and Activated Bamboo Charcoal, and topped with Himalayan Sea Salt.

Size: Each bar is at least 110 grams.



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