Why Choose Natural Soap & Body Products?

Going natural with your bath + shower products means a whole lot of good things. It means you're ridding your body of some of the additional ingredients many large-batch bath products contain (preservatives, surfactants, sulphates, synthetic fragrances for example) and giving your body more of what's good for it. Kind of like putting your skin on a diet of healthy food and getting rid of the chips. Except with natural products you aren't missing out on any tasty treats. Absolutely not. In fact, when we started making our own products we realized what we had been missing out on with our factory-produced bath care products. Things like supple skin, balanced skin tone and softer hair. The bonus of no plastic bottles in our shower is equally as nice to us as it is to our landfill.

Different Soaps for Different Folks

Everybody's body is different. Some people have dry skin. Others have oily. Combination. Sensitive. Acne-prone. Seasonal. The list can go on. That's why we keep making different combinations for our soaps and products that can work for you. We combine plant-based oils, butters, essential oils and clays to create soaps that contain different qualities for different skin types. If your skin is oily, you might want to check out an activated charcoal soap made with coconut oil to help match your skin's needs. If your skin is more on the mature-side, maybe you want to try something with rosehips, geranium, pink clay or sweet almond oil and see if that's the right fit. Same with the shampoo bars, we currently have two different types and will be adding more as we find the best combination for more hair types.

We'll Make Your Bathroom Fresh

Natural products are just that...natural. They don't contain preservatives or ingredients to keep them in your bathroom cabinet for longer. We suggest that you use our products within six months of purchase. Soaps stay hard if you keep them dry in a proper soap dish that's well-ventilated. Same with your shampoo bar. Our oils and scrubs don't need a fridge to stay fresh, but you should aim for a dark, dry area & use a scoop to keep things on your hands from travelling to the jars. 

What Should I Expect?

You should expect to have more showers or baths than usual. We sure do! Lather up in the morning with your favourite body or facial soap, and then add a facial toner and cell-plumping serum while your skin is still warm from the shower. Maybe try one of our body oils to pack in some serious skin conditioning. Perhaps a bath the evening starts with an exfoliating salt scrub then continues by slipping into the essential-oil scented waters and enjoying the treat your skin gets from all the different types of minerals working to soften your skin and increase circulation.

Expect that your skin is going to look and feel healthier than if you were using a drug-store brand soap or scrub. And expect to look forward to picking out a new soap scent for your shower or bath.