About Us

Amanda and Meredith's story is probably very familiar to you. We are women who were tired of commercial soaps that were made of animal fat, emulsifiers, microbeads, preservatives and heavy fragrances. Amanda realized that her recurring headaches were caused by the beauty industry's love of fragrance oils and looked to find something that smelled good, but not head-ache inducing. What she discovered was that making her own soap not only didn't cause headaches, but it made her skin feel incredible.

Meredith's passion for making things more beautiful took hold when she realized the creativity involved in soap-making with completely natural, fresh and nourishing ingredients. Her own soap seemed to help eczema disappear from her and her son's arms, and the soft head of hair she discovered from a simple shampoo bar changed her daily habits.

A partnership was born. Not only are Amanda and Meredith neighbours, they are good neighbours. They live close to eachother, but also realize the closeness of the world around us. They like to support local, and you'll see that in their products. They like to shop local and live in a small community in Ottawa, Canada where that fondness is embraced.

But being a good neighbour doesn't stop at home, it continues in the world around us. There is no palm oil in the soaps because some palm oils aren't sustainable or ethically harvested. And part of being a good neighbour is recognizing that small steps taken by individuals can create major gains for the world around us.