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Keep your hair soft, tangle-free and smooth with a natural hair rinse made with vinegar and roses! Delicately scented with essential oils, this clarifying rinse helps to detangle and pH balance your, soothe & balance your scalp, and help create hair that’s refreshed, clean, and shiny. 

What's Inside the Bottle?

This rinse is infused with our favourite, organic rose petals! A vinegar hair rinse is a great step for transitioning to natural shampoo bars and for maintaining soft, conditioned hair. Instead of a conditioner, use this vinegar rinse instead.

  • Vinegar can help clean your scalp and seal your hair’s cuticles. It also helps to balance the pH level of your scalp and can help reduce the itchiness and flaking caused by dandruff. When transitioning to a natural hair care routine, vinegar is a great way to keep hair soft and manageable during your "detox" period.
  • Rose petals infuse their beautiful pink colour into the rinse for a rosey, calming infusion.
  • Geranium essential oil is blended into this rinse to create a soothing, floral aroma that helps disguise the vinegar and add an aromatherapy experience to your shower.

Who is it for?  

This hair rinse is awesome for people starting down the path of natural shampoo bars. Use this instead of a conditioner to help keep hair soft during your transition period. Even if you are still using commercial shampoo and conditioner, a vinegar rinse can help remove the build-up from shampoos and prepare your conditioner to fully penetrate your hair. Pair this rinse with our Lavender Shampoo bar if you love the scent. Or try out another one of our amazing shampoo bar combinations.

How to use your Natural Lavender Hair Rinse:  

After shampooing, ring out any excess water from your hair and coat your hair and scalp in the vinegar product before rinsing it out. When starting out with natural shampoo bars, we recommend you use the rinse after every wash for about two weeks. Dilute about 2 tbsps of the rinse in a cup of warm water from your shower. 

Ingredients: Vinegar, rose petals and essential oils.

Size: 120 ml.