Olive + Chamomile | Natural Soap

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This one is our most gentle bar of soap. The recipe is crafted for people who want a bar of soap that is unscented and gentle on dry skin. We add with a huge dose of chamomile-infused olive oil, a smidge of shea butter and a dollop of castor oil for a smooth, creamy soap that adds moisture to your skin. Olive oil and chamomile work together to create a rich base for the soap that's soothing and mild. We add colloidal oatmeal to help ease dry skin. Bentonite clay gives it that super silky feeling on your skin. And that's it. This one is so mild that it's safe to use on babies' delicate and sensitive skin. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Our soaps are made in small-batches and each bar is hand cut. Because of this every bar will be slightly different than the photo shown. Each soap is a minimum of 110 grams.